It’s inspiring to see a seasoned New Testament scholar focusing her attention on something at the heart of the Christian life.  Below is an abstract of an article by Cambridge scholar Morna Hooker. It’s in the current issue of Theology — January/February 2013, 116 (1).   

Conformity to Christ


Following Paul’s experience on the Damascus Road, his life was drastically changed. Although he continued to maintain his loyalty to Israel’s God and the Scriptures, he now believed himself to be commissioned to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. At the heart of his theology lay his relationship with Christ – summed up in the phrase ‘in Christ’ – a relationship shared by all Christians, who must be ‘shaped’ by the gospel – conformed to the pattern of self-giving, death and resurrection seen in Christ – not simply in baptism but in their daily lives. Paul’s hope for the future envisages its final fulfilment.

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